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How I Survived the Submarine Service without Losing My Mind


The entertaining, accessible, and wry memoir of a U. S. Navy Nuclear Reactor Operator who served on USS Seawolf (SSN-575) and USS Parche (SSN-683). Watertight will resonate strongly with anyone who served, but especially among that dedicated corps who served in the submarine service.

"I'm constantly reminded how my way of being in the world is influenced by what I learned in submarines; from Big-Flick critical thinking and What-If scenarios, to vigilant situational awareness and the value of the smallest detail."

A graduate of United States Naval Nuclear Power School and Qualified in Submarines, Karl Heckman served as a Reactor Operator in Special Projects submarines during the Cold War. His memoir, Watertight, is published by Irvington House.


I've lived in 17 states, half of that military related, half following opportunities. Currently I'm living in Portland, Oregon, a great city with many peculiarities.


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